Friday, November 18, 2011


I realized that I had forgotten to update about treatment decisions.  The rapid progression of A's cancer has made only one decision possible.  Dr. W has been incredible, moving things along very quickly for us -- ordering all of the necessary procedures and tests as rapidly as the insurance companies will allow.  He specializes in blood cancers, and even though we don't have the official subtype, he knows where it's heading. I've heard so many wonderful things about Sloan, and I'm sure we would have had exceptional care there, but their admissions protocol has me completely baffled.  Because this cancer subtype has been difficult to diagnose (this pathology lab consults with Sloan on diagnosis already), we haven't been able to get a first appointment there yet.  Andrew just can't wait.  His deterioration in 2 weeks is proof.  He told me he didn't think he could wait an additional week for treatment, and I know he's right.  Dr. W, Sloan Kettering, and the Mayo Clinic all use identical up-front treatment protocols, so we're staying put in Kingston with this doctor, who has been so exceptional.  Andrew will go for six cycles of chemo, once every three weeks.  His first cycle will be either Tues, Wed or Friday depending on the timing of the path results.

I realize that this all sounds horrific, but we're learning that this is the nature of these types of cancer.  They are not symptomatic until they are in advanced stages.  Fortunately, unlike other cancers, even in advanced stages they are treatable with aggressive action.

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