Thursday, June 28, 2012

the fight continues ...

Tuesday was a terrible day.  The news was unexpected and absolutely unwelcome.  We were in a very bad state on Tuesday -- today on Thursday we're feeling a bit more hopeful.  Still upset, but more hopeful.  After a quick but thoughtful deliberation, we've decided to go right to Sloan Kettering for further treatment.  I still had my old contact numbers from last November, so yesterday morning I called and fortunately they remembered us and were very helpful!  We now have an appt. for next Thursday to see Dr. Andrew Zelenetz, the top lymphoma specialist at Sloan.  He specializes in difficult to treat lymphomas and is currently heading up 26 different clinical trial for DLBC, Andrew's type of cancer. If anyone can help us, he's probably the guy.  We feel like we have one last shot here, and we have to get it right.   Huge love and thanks to my sister Terry and Michael M. for making the necessary calls to get us in at Sloan!  Here we go ...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I haven't posted in so long, and I haven't been consistent at all of late.  Just wanted you all to know that we are so touched by all of you who have followed this blog through the many, many hard months.  Andrew had been looking so well, feeling so well, doing so well recently that we thought, at last, that this terrible stuff would be behind us soon.  It seems not to be the case.   Two weeks ago Andrew found another small lump on his neck. We were concerned but knew it could be inflammation from the chemo.  We knew there was really nothing to do until the final PET scan.  He had the PET last week, and we went to Albany today for the results.  The PET showed that the cancer has not completely gone.  And there are some spots that are lighting up even brighter than after round 4 PET, most concerning in his liver. Dr. E. was pretty frank -- it's not a great situation.  He will have a biopsy Monday of either the liver or the new neck lump, and then he will start 4 rounds of a new, intense chemo to prepare for autologous stem cell transplant.   Salvage, they call it. We are planning to call our old Dr.'s, Dr. W and Dr. L. from Westchester for opinions, and probably head down to Sloan as well, although it all has to happen rather quickly.  We're very sad, as we never thought it would ever come to this, but hopeful as well.  We're going to give it everything we've got.