Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We had a great talk with Dr. W. today (or as we like to call him, Dr. Superman).  We're still trying to figure out this liver issue, because a healthy liver will be really important once we start the chemo!  Although we don't yet know the cause, the docs think it might just be a bit of sludge in the ducts.  Now go enjoy your Thanksgiving dinners!  Ha -- it makes me reconsider all of my dietary habits -- keep your ducts clean!

So he's having a high contrast scan of the liver today -- more radioactivity -- and then an endoscopy this afternoon.  (this poor guy -- seriously).  The endoscopy will clean out the sludge, and hopefully, fingers crossed, he'll be good to go, with a pop of IV antibiotics. Dr. W. really talked me off the ledge today, telling me that it's ok to take a few days to figure this out properly.  It's not going to change anything for him, cancer-wise.  Apparently the blood cancers are a bit different this way -- it's stage 4 (still very treatable), that's not going to change. In a few days he'll be able to start treatment, he'll respond well, and we'll get rid of this thing.  He said after we see how he responds to the 1st treatment, he can go home, and after the 2nd cycle Andrew should start feeling a lot better.

Feeling so much more peaceful today.  We're going to bring a Thanksgiving dinner to the hospital tomorrow.  I'm making him a sludge-repelling "green soup"  full of every type of green veggie ;), and a nice butternut squash soup. Big thanks to my friend Lasha who brought us a huge box of organic veggies and fruit from their farm!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the huge outpouring of love and messages.  It's really helping us through these difficult days.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


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  1. I love this photo of Andrew. Go sludge removal! And I am so thankful that the doctor is so reassuring. We are thinking of you guys, all the time.