Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finally, Chemo!

Just a quick, tired update ...
Yesterday, we got word that the liver biopsy showed lymphoma present in the liver.  Because of this, Dr. W. said he wanted us to transfer to Westchester Medical Center for more intensive treatment than could be provided at Benedictine.  Sigh.  Par for the course, I guess. The chemo plan has now been revised from R-CHOP to hyper-CVAD, for those of you keeping score.  Last night we were transferred, and today Andrew FINALLY started treatment.  They started him on the Rituxan, which is supposed to be the wonder drug for lymphoma.  He had a bit of a bad reaction to it at first (not uncommon), so they slowed it down, and he's now taking it very well.  He's feeling really, really poorly at the moment, but hopefully tomorrow he'll feel a bit better.  We're just so grateful to finally be under way.

I'm having lots of trouble accessing the blog at the hospital (?), so I'll update as I can, when I'm home.



  1. Hi Linda,
    Is there an address that we can send a card to? You are all continually in my prayers.
    Leisa Day Merrick

  2. Great to hear Linda - that A is starting the actual treatment. Thanks for keeping us updated. Hang in there.

  3. hi Lisa, if you go on the Westchester Medical Center website, they have a free card/message service that's really great.