Friday, November 25, 2011

another long weekend

today was a long day at the hospital, letting the antibiotics do their work.  he's already feeling pretty good after the surgery, but gets tired very easily.  he's pretty much sick of his hospital room by this point, but we're settling in for our third long weekend of waiting since this ordeal started.  hopefully sunday or monday we can start treatment, and they'll finally let him come home!


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  2. Hi Linda
    I am a classmate of Chuck's from Ilion and knew Jay as well from the football team. I am a physician and work at Novartis. Please let Jay know that Annie Ahern and I are thinking of him. I wanted to let you know of a couple of clinical trials on compounds that I have worked on that are excellent. The most relevant one is called GA101 which is more potent than rituximab. Happy to talk to Jay's doctor about it if that's helpful. Here is the link to the ongoing study. The other is RAD001 (affinitor) but that is being studied after remission. The GA101 study is a Genentech study

  3. Hi Linda. My work email is I check that more often than the gmail account.

  4. Linda

    I'm assuming you got the info about the Dr in So Cal from Jeff. Andrew, I'm thinking of you every day. I know what a gamer you are!

    Bodhi (A.K.A. Shorty Mctiernan)

  5. tried to edit/update my original comment and screwed it up. Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick note to say really rooting for you to get out of the hosp, I know that is a long time to be in there, and is just no fun. Hope he gets out this weekend.