Saturday, November 19, 2011


Ha -- we're such cancer rookies!  We really thought we were going to have a peaceful, "pretend this isn't happening" weekend.  With A feeling a bit better on the prednisone, he was hoping to spend time with the boys this weekend, while I worked, and maybe do some nice family stuff later. Friday morning he had to give a blood sample so Dr. W. could check levels of "whatever" while on the prednisone.  At three pm that day, Dr. W called me and said I would have to take A to the ER because his calcium levels were high, and apparently this is bad.  Bad enough to be sent to the hospital.  Sigh. Again, amazing friends to the rescue -- my dear friend Melissa on a moment's notice said she would take the boys for a sleepover.  We really have been blessed with the most loving and amazing friends.  I was dreading telling A, as he was really, really, really hoping for some time off from all of the needles, procedures, etc.  But he was a sport.  We spent about 7 hours in the ER.  The on-call doctor started him on IV fluids and an EKG to get the calcium down.  The ER is funny on a Friday night -- it's all young 20-somethings being wheeled in on stretchers for drunken stupidness.  After several hours, the doctor told us that he would be admitting A overnight to make sure the calcium situation was under control.  But you know everything m o v e s  v e r y  s l o w l y  i n  t h e  E R .  So we waited many hours for all the arrangements to be wrapped up.  I finally had to leave at 11:30 pm, because my sister was driving up from DC to take care of the boys for the weekend.  When I left, A was trying to sleep in his ER room, while they waited for an available bed in the hospital.  Leaving him there was so hard, but I'm actually hoping now that they keep him all weekend, under observation, until chemo on Monday (fingers crossed) -- just to be safe.

Andrew and I started laughing tonight about the "cancer look".  It's the very serious and pitiful look that we seem to be getting everywhere now.  When it's from medical personnel, i always think they know something that they're not telling me.  At any rate, you have to laugh or it's too overwhelming.

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