Thursday, November 24, 2011


Yesterday's endoscopy removed the sludge, but also showed that Andrew's gall bladder was infected.  This is unrelated to the cancer, and has probably been building up for some time.  The G.I. doc said it would absolutely have to removed before starting chemo.  So, Andrew was given a few liters of blood overnight and platelets this morning for support. He had surgery at 9am this morning.  The surgeon said it went very well, and that we should be able to start chemo in a few days.  Fortunately, Dr. W. is on-call all weekend -- he's been moving all of these procedures along for us as quickly as possible, in coordination with the gastro docs, to make sure nothing gets slowed down due to the holiday weekend.

I'm so thankful for all of the fantastic doctors and nurses who are away from their families today, and taking such good care of us here.  And we're incredibly thankful for all of our family and friends, who have given us such support!  Happy Thanksgiving!!


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