Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Knockout in 8 Rounds!

Receiving the last bags of chemo.
After a week's delay (for pesky platelets, of course), we headed back up to Albany Med for Andrew's 8th and final round of chemo.  We had a moment where we thought we might be turned away again -- the nurse thought his WBC's were a bit low still.  But fortunately, the doctor gave the go-ahead and were on our way!  Everything went smoothly and we were finished in about 6 hours.  The entire clinic staff was so sweet and congratulatory -- the gave Andrew a "Purple Heart" certificate, the nurses all blew soap bubbles and everyone applauded.  After all he's been through the past 7 months, the applause certainly seemed warranted!  It was a bittersweet and emotional day.

Andrew is due back in a month for the final PET scan and follow up with Dr. E.  We are overjoyed to be finished with chemo, and hopeful for the future.

We can't express how grateful we are to all of you, who have been following this blog, extending your good wishes, prayers, and hopes for Andrew's recovery.  We are indebted to all of you who gave us so much of your time and assistance over these many, many months.  It certainly would have been a very lonely and scary journey without all of the love and support.



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Off to the finish line!

Round 7 recovery is going well.  I don't want to jinx anything, but Andrew's blood counts should start climbing back up any day now -- no hospital intervention needed!  What a relief.  He's been very tired and had a couple of bad nights from the neupogen injections, but a much easier recovery this go round.

So now we just wait for the last and final round -- #8.  It's a bit nerve racking as we get near the end.  We're certainly thrilled that the chemo will be over and done, but just hoping that it did it's job and that all the cancer will be gone.  Thank you to everyone for hanging in there these many months with us.  Your love and messages of support were incredibly helpful during the dark days. As I write this, Andrew is outside playing baseball with his boys, and just so grateful that he's able to do it!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nearly there.

Thank you to everyone for all of the continued support.  It feels like the never ending journey!

Andrew had round 7 yesterday, which went smoothly -- in at 9, out by 2.  He wasn't sure that his platelets would be at chemo-safe levels in time to get treatment, but he just squeaked by, thank goodness.  Now we're anxiously waiting for the crash which should happen this weekend.  The goal is to stay out of the hospital!  He's promised to just rest a lot this week, as we both want to finish up as quickly as possible.  It's hard to believe that it's finally coming to an end -- we're scheduled to do the 8th and final round on May 21st.  Our lovely oncologist, Dr. E (or as we still call her, Lisa Loeb) has gone out for 8 weeks to have her baby.  We're happy for her (her first baby), but also sad that she'll miss the last round.  She helped us through so much anxiety and so many difficult decisions when we first arrived at Albany Med.  We don't really know who we'll be seeing for the end visits, but the whole group consults (at "tumor board" ), so whoever it is will be familiar with our case.  Unfortunately, Andrew's case was far from typical, so we're pretty well known there now.  Andrew is now feeling good and healthy other than the constant fatigue.  He's really looking forward to wrapping up this chemo and getting strong again.

I've decided to participate in a "lymphomathon" 5K walk to benefit the Lymphoma Research Foundation.  They are a fantastic organization, and an invaluable support to lymphoma sufferers and their families.  During Andrew's treatment, I spent an insane amount of time on their website gathering resources and information.  The lymphomathon is on June 2nd, on Long Island, NY.  Anyone is welcome to join our team "the Mac Daddies" and walk with us.  It's held at an absolutely gorgeous 200 acre estate, and the course winds through lovely wooded areas and gardens.  I can't guarantee that Andrew will be there -- it all depends on how he feels after round 8 (he may be crashing), but I'll be there with the boys and family members.  Please join us if you're able, to celebrate the end of this madness.

You must register to join the walk -- here is the link to our page: