Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Every day seems to bring some new fresh hell.  Pathology still hasn't finished gene testing the biopsy, so we didn't get any results today as we hoped -- maybe tomorrow.  Today I drove Andrew to his scheduled  PET scan, which is a full body scan to see how invasive the cancer is.  The office prepared us for a 2 hour scan, gave us the dietary restrictions and other requirements.  Unfortunately, they forgot to tell us that he would be radioactive for 8 hours following the scan!  We were to keep our distance, especially myself and the children, ideally for 24 hours.  While we were both taking in the reality of this info, I was making plans in my head for how to keep the kids away from him, out of the bathroom, etc. Jeez.  My good friend Sharon dropped everything and strapped her 3 young kids in the car to come and get me from the radiologist, as Andrew would have to drive himself home now.  He was very funny when he got home, making a lot of nuclear waste jokes, but I'm still thrown by the whole thing.

Sharon's husband gave me the number of another MSK doctor to speak with tonight.  I told him everything I knew so far, as well as A's current symptoms.  He agreed that starting treatment ASAP is necessary.  Tomorrow, we're scheduled to see our Kingston oncologist and Andrew will have a bone marrow biopsy (yikes!) to determine the stage.  This biopsy will take 7-10 days to come back(!!), but I believe the doctor said we will be able to start treatment before that.  I'm going to push for starting the first treatment yet this week.

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