Tuesday, November 22, 2011

still waiting.

treatment is going to be delayed a few more days.  there are underlying issues/possible infection in andrew's liver or gall bladder that need to be dealt with.  the bright side is that the prednisone wasn't causing the calcium spike, it was this other condition.  prednisone is part of the chemo mix, so Dr. W. was concerned he wouldn't tolerate it well.  that seems not to be the case, but now he has to have more  blood work and tests (of course!) to find out what's going on.  it all has to be addressed first, because once he starts chemo he will have zero immune system -- he has to be in great shape before he starts.  so it's day 5 in the hospital, but i'm trying not to count.  just hoping we'll start soon and he can come home.

not good news, but we're learning to be patient and calm, and have faith that it will all work out.


  1. Hi Linda, my name is Mary Day (Coffin) I went to school with Jay & Chuck (I was in Chuck's class) I was shocked & saddened when I heard this dreadful news... I pray for Jay & your entire family... I have known the McT's for years they are a wonderful bunch of people.... Please say hello to everyone for me & have a Happy Thanksgiving.. God Bless

  2. linda, please give andrew a kiss and a big hug from us and we are thinking and about him and praying for him. love always, the garbuio family.

  3. Thanks for the updates, Linda. Your blogs are very poignant. Pls let us know when Andrew is up for a visit from his big brother. Prayers & positive thoughts coming your way. Stay strong & positive. Love Diane & Jeff

  4. Hello Linda - I met you at Andrew's 30th reunion this summer. It was so good to see him and Charles, and to meet you, i had such a good time catching up. Great family. We are all stunned back here in Ilion- just wanted to pass along a note of encouragement, and let you guys know that there are hundreds of people thinking of, and rooting for, you guys. Stay strong - and I know this sounds odd, but if I know the Mct's like I think I do - don't forget to search out for small bits of humor wherever possible, they are there even in the hardest of situations, and can be a great ally in difficult fights. All the best, Dan

  5. Thank you so much for all the comments. Jeff and Diane , thanks for your message -- I passed along your words to Andrew. He's really in pretty good spirits, considering everything! Alex, thank you! We miss you and love you guys!! Mary, thank you -- i will pass along your good wishes to Andrew. Dan, yes, it's pretty shocking, isn't it? Considering we were all just together laughing so recently. He's doing pretty well, still making jokes -- the nurses all love him, as you can imagine! Everything we're hearing and reading has made us very confident that he will beat this. Thanks so much for your message!