Tuesday, January 17, 2012

round 3 -- here we come!

There hasn't been much to write about the last several days.  It took Andrew 12 days to recover from round 2B chemo -- a lot of sleeping, nausea, and general exhaustion.   Today was the first day he felt really, really good -- and so of course that means it must be time for more!  Ha!  We're back to Albany bright and early tomorrow morning to start round 3, A cycle.  It's terrible for him to just start feeling better, and get right back in it, but I feel it's best to just keep pushing forward -- get it over with as soon as possible (easy for me to say, I know). Hopefully, A cycle will be a bit more gentle with him.

Sorry to be so out of touch with everyone -- this month was the first time we were back on our own without all of the wonderful family help.  It was nice to be at home for awhile, just the 4 of us, but it's also been challenging -- I've been quite busy.  So I will try to return all my overdue phone calls this week!


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