Monday, January 30, 2012

Life on hold.

Things had been going along quite smoothly during this recovery period -- we made a quick trip to AMC on Friday for a pop of intrathecal chemo. Andrew was a bit under the weather for 2 days after that, but today he felt really good, and looked really good.  We were due back at AMC today for the last 15 minute infusion of vincristine which officially ends round 3A -- unfortunately, his blood draw showed that the white count had fallen to really "critical" levels, so they were unable to administer the chemo.  :(

We're now due back on Thursday for another blood draw and possible transfusion.  We're disappointed -- he seemed to be doing really, really well this time -- we were hoping to get into the city to see some friends, he was going to try to work a few days this week, -- you know, have a life.  Instead he'll be holing up at home trying to not contract an infection of any sort.  But we're learning that this is the deal on this regimen -- very little opportunity to do anything but get your chemo, recover from your chemo, and get your chemo again. Lather, rinse, repeat.   Life really, truly is on hold until summer it seems, so we're telling ourselves to just get comfy and settle in.  So to all of our friends,  we miss you!  Don't forget us -- we'll be back!!! ;)


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