Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Andrew came home tonight.  We have to go back on Friday and then again on Tuesday for 2 more quick pops of chemo, and then cycle 3 will be complete.

He's feeling pretty good, and looking really good.  He had the vincristine today, and I could tell it was taking a  toll as we were driving home, but he managed to stay up for dinner before heading off to bed.  All in all a big improvement over the last 2 homecomings, so that's encouraging.  He'll probably feel pretty bad for the next week or so as the blood counts dive.  But ... another round down, another day closer to cancer-free.

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  1. Andrew "Jay" McT,
    I was reminded this evening of a saying that I am passing along to you as you go through this crazy time in your life....."Never be less than the best" You got this Jay! If anyone can get through this, it is you.

    Constantly keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!