Thursday, January 5, 2012


We were back in Albany yesterday for a visit with Dr. E, and one final shot of intrathecal cytarabine (it's supposed to be given on day 7, but they let him go home for a few days instead of waiting around for it).  He was feeling pretty good yesterday, although his platelet count was low. The intrathecal chemo only took a few minutes, but he started feeling the effects pretty quickly on the way home.  He was headachy and exhausted and slept for the rest of the day.  Last night he went through the intense "dead cancer cell expulsion" (see previous posts ;), and today he's feeling pretty crappy.  It really is such a roller coaster -- he'll feel pretty good the day he's discharged, and then as his blood counts start to drop he feels worse and worse.  I've been giving him neupogen injections every night to help the blood counts rebound, but honestly I'm not helping the situation -- I haven't quite gotten the hang of pain-free injection yet.   After last night's injection Jack and Ewan were taking turns laying on the couch, squeezing their stomach fat for pretend "shots", and yelping as they heard their Dad do!

We have another visit with Dr. E on the 18th, and she'll admit him that day for round 3 -- A cycle.  

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