Monday, August 6, 2012

home at last

After some more transfusions today, Andrew was discharged.  We are so happy and relieved, as this has been a really traumatic week for both of us.  The fever and other complications were worrisome, and as per usual, we never seem to realize the severity of things until we're mostly through it.  Andrew is feeling pretty good now, though weak, and said that he didn't quite realize how sick he was until he started to feel better. The most unsettling part is that these infections seemingly pop up, full-blown out of nowhere.  No warning signs or ramping up to alert you that something is not right.  But he's back on the mend (although I'd put money on round 2 being delayed another week).

And he's losing his hair again -- my poor guy.  He had finally grown back all of this lovely salt-and-pepper hair, after months and months of waiting.  The ICE has put an end to that -- it's falling out in large clumps.  Andrew has been entertaining the boys by telling them to pull his hair -- when they saw the big tufts in their fingers, they laughed with amazement.  Not sad or scary to them, just cool!

It's so wonderful to have him home.  When he's not here the emptiness is so deep and wide.

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  1. hey andy and linda. we are are routing for you as always. so great to see you. couldn't believe how many of those chicken wings you put away bro! fists up andy you are like Rocky Balboa! Nad hugs and kisses to you Linda and the little guys. weekend at the beach anytime for you.