Sunday, August 19, 2012

Round 2 -- ICE

Andrew has just been admitted for the 2nd and most important round of ICE.  We were crossing our fingers that his platelets would be ready to go.  Albany would never give chemo unless they were at the 100 mark -- Dr. Z. said 70 was his go ahead.  Today platelets came in at 67 -- good enough, apparently -- moving forward!!


  1. I love the pic! Positive energy being sent your way......from the Merrick family in SC!

  2. thanks leisa for your well wishes and kind thoughts
    feeling well

  3. Your boys are adorable and I, too, like the pic. From my mouth to God's ears...prayers are being sent your way.

  4. thanks Stacie,
    just finished long form chemo and discharged from the hospital. day planned with family in big city and then back to the hospital for one more day of out patient care and the end of rd two. had a busy, fun and as the picture may show a care free summer. family all energized for new teachers, school year and the changing of the leaves.
    Jay Andrew

  5. Prayers for you Jay. I too love the picture. It's great to see all the positive energy in your family and seeing your kids getting involved!

    1. Hi jay, your two sons remind me of you and chuckie back in the montgomery street days. Adorable! Love to you and your family and all of our positive thoughts and energy coming your way.

      All the best,
      Brooke Bechard and Steve Redmond

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