Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to Bennie

Andrew had to be hospitalized this week with a neutropenic fever.  R-ICE chemo is very similar to the hyper-CVAD that he had early on, in that it wipes out all of his bone marrow function, leaving him very vulnerable to disease.  Well, he caught an infection and spiked a 102 fever which lasted about 3 days.  So we headed back to Benedictine under the guidance of Dr. Zelenetz and our original oncologist, Dr. Waheed.  The 2 are coordinating care, so that Andrew can stay local until our next appointment at MSK on Thursday. It's looking unlikely that he will be ready to start round 2 by next Friday -- his white counts and platelets are rock bottom right now, but you never know.  He's already received 3 bags of RBC's and 3 bags of platelets for support, as well as numerous antibiotics, anti-fungals, etc.  He was quite sick for a few days, but he always seems to rally remarkably well -- today he was feeling much better and anxious to come home.  Dr. W said he'll probably be there through the weekend.

It was kind of strange coming back to Benedictine(Bennie) after all this time.  It was great to see Dr. W. again, but Andrew was so incredibly unwell the last time we were there -- strange memories of a very scary time.  It really is the place to go for a pleasant hospital stay though -- so quiet and peaceful, nothing like the noisy, busy, fluorescent hospitals we've been at ever since.  The lighting is soft, the rooms are large and private (no crazy roommates!) the floor is so quiet, and the view is of the mountains.  They do treat the sickest patients very well there.

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