Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The lenalidomide did not work as we had hoped. The PET showed a good deal of growth. Andrew has started the first of two rounds of an oral chemotherapy -- I'm not even sure what it's called -- I think I stopped listening after seeing the scan. Fortunately, Andrew listened, so he knows what he's supposed to take and when.

We hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving -- thank you for all of you thoughts and prayers all year long!



  1. Linda: I am so very sorry to see your post that there's more growth. Russ and I care about you all very much and my words just don't seem to express enough. As our lives keep going on, we want you to know we think about you often & I can only wish you will soon have some good news.

    At least Andrew's hair is coming in dark! Maybe there was some "Hair Club for Men" mixed in w/ the Chemo. What he is taking...looks like the word 'lemonade' It all just stinks. It more than stinks.

    love, Sue and Russ

  2. Continuing to keep Andrew, you and your family in our prayers. xo Leisa & Al

  3. Tis the season for miracles. May God's arms wrap you in faith. Continued thoughts of strength and healing being sent your way. Stacie and Mark Crim