Friday, November 16, 2012

quick update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update -- Andrew has finished his first course of lenalidomide. He went into it not feeling great -- he was having debilitating headaches from a sinus infection (very hard to get rid of these things when you have no immune system), but Dr. W. prescribed some ABX that really helped. After that, things seemed to go pretty smoothly -- a few uncomfortable side effects, but no transfusions were needed during the 23-day course, so I consider that a victory!  He had his PET scan yesterday at MSK and we will see Dr. Z. on Tuesday for the results. We are looking for "no growth".  Dr. Z said it could take up to 3 courses to get rid of the cancer, so "no change", while not ideal, would be an acceptable result. If there has been growth of the cancer while on the lenalidomide, then we move on to the next option.  Andrew's blood counts were all good yesterday, but his weight was down 10 lbs from last month. He did have some nausea, so I guess it's not too much of a surprise, but he's feeling much better now and Thanksgiving is right around the corner -- we'll be sure to stuff him with lots of pie!  His hair is also growing back -- the first time it came back after chemo it grew in gray, now it's growing in dark -- chemo is so weird.


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