Thursday, June 28, 2012

the fight continues ...

Tuesday was a terrible day.  The news was unexpected and absolutely unwelcome.  We were in a very bad state on Tuesday -- today on Thursday we're feeling a bit more hopeful.  Still upset, but more hopeful.  After a quick but thoughtful deliberation, we've decided to go right to Sloan Kettering for further treatment.  I still had my old contact numbers from last November, so yesterday morning I called and fortunately they remembered us and were very helpful!  We now have an appt. for next Thursday to see Dr. Andrew Zelenetz, the top lymphoma specialist at Sloan.  He specializes in difficult to treat lymphomas and is currently heading up 26 different clinical trial for DLBC, Andrew's type of cancer. If anyone can help us, he's probably the guy.  We feel like we have one last shot here, and we have to get it right.   Huge love and thanks to my sister Terry and Michael M. for making the necessary calls to get us in at Sloan!  Here we go ...


  1. Linda and Andrew: Russ and I send our love. I know it might sound lame, but if you would like help with the house, yard, transportation, taking the kids for awhile our #691-6958 work 486-6800./ We will drop what we are doing to help you both. Have Melissa call me if you can't. Hugs, prayers & kisses.


  2. Hi Linda, Andrew & family, Im sorry if my post comes through two times. Having some computer issues. Anyway, we were so sad to hear the news. On a more positive note it is great that you are still holding on to hope. That is the most important thing. There is also so much power in prayer. Our cousin Tim Days son is also going through something similar. Our family have all been doing a prayer to Sister Marianne Cope. I will share the link with you so you can also begin this prayer for Andrew's recovery! We will begin ours today and send you lots of prayers and positive wishes! xoxo Al & Leisa Day Merrick

  3. Prayers continue to follow your family on this difficult journey. Good luck with your visit tomorrow at Sloan.
    Stacie Crim