Friday, March 9, 2012

delayed again.

Well round 4 seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Andrew was supposed to begin round 5 on Thursday, a week late, but his platelets still haven't reached normal levels.  We must taxi the runway for yet another week, while they return to the chemo-safe threshold.  It's good for him to have some more time, but frustrating for us, as it prolongs the whole experience.  He just has not been able to bounce back well from the dreadful fourth round.  He's feeling very weak, and all of the blood draws are becoming very painful for him.  We are so glad that the "B" cycle drugs are no longer in our future -- I would have been a basket case anticipating the next dose.  He's improving in small increments every day though -- his white blood cells are in normal range, and his red blood cells are nearly there.  I'm confident that by next week he'll be ready to go.

He also had a mid-point PET scan a few days ago.  Unfortunately, the radiologist wasn't finished reading it by our appointment.  Our doctor saw it briefly and could report that there is still cancer activity present (expected), but much reduced.  She will be able to go over it with us in greater detail next week, but the plan remains the same -- 4 more rounds of R-CHOP followed by another PET at the conclusion of treatment.

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  1. I continue to keep you, Jay, and your families in my prayers. Your journal writings are like mini medical journals for the layman and demonstate how important it is to have a patient advocate, and a darn devoted one at that.