Tuesday, February 21, 2012

bump in the road

We're back at AMC today unexpectedly.  Andrew has had a rough time recovering from the last B cycle -- it's just so hard on the bone marrow, and we'd been warned that the effects would be cumulative.  His hemoglobin, white count, and platelets are all critically low, and he's at very high risk for infection right now.  Dr. E is re-admitting him today, and they will give him at least 2 units of blood and platelets, as well as antibiotics.  She said he'll be here for a few days most likely, while they try to restore normal blood functioning.  He doesn't look well at the moment -- very pale, thin and extremely weak.  He was barely able to get into the car, and needed a wheelchair when we arrived to help him into the clinic offices.  It's so hard to see him suffering like this, he is normally so physically strong. But I know that after a few units of blood he'll be feeling much, much better, and will hopefully have a few good days before starting round 5.


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