Monday, February 13, 2012

round 4 down!

This was a rough one, no doubt about it.  The B cycle just sucks -- the protocol is a 24 hour IV infusion of methotrexate followed by a Lucovorin "rescue" to protect his kidneys from the methotrexate, 4 doses of cytarabine over 2 days, plus intrathecal infusions of both.  Andrew spiked a high fever on the evening of day 2, and has felt awful since.  But the fever is gone now, and his numbers are better than he feels, so they're letting him come home today -- hooray!  They're giving him a pint of blood now, which should help him feel better, and then we're out of here -- if I can wake him up. ;)

We're due back on Thursday to see Dr. E (whom I now adore, after giving us such wonderful news), to check his blood levels and get the final dose of intrathecal cytarabine that completes the cycle.  The on-call doctors had mentioned that they may possibly start phasing out some of the intrathecal infusions, as they might not be needed any longer, so we'll check with Dr. E and see what she says.

In the meantime, we have several neupogen injections chillin' in the fridge, just waiting for him to come home!  

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